It was you, LeBron

Back in 1967, maybe 1968 Pops Wereo bought me a fire engine red
bicycle to ride in Central park where he worked. I used to love the
way it fit into the back seat of the car when we drove it down there.

One day shortly afterwards LeBron and that other goon knocked me off
the bike and stole the brand new bike from me. I went crying back to
Pops Wereo.

The very next day I spotted LeBron and his fearless leader ( I forget
his name but I remember LeBron) and I quickly ran back and told Pops
Wereo who ipso factso told a cop on horseback that I had spotted the
two goons. They then proceeded to run away from the cop but
nonetheless the cop still made the collar. Why is it these TurED'Nz
like to do the crime but they don't like justice?

The bottom line is Lebron and that other ugly klown were promptly sent
to jail for a year each on Riker's Island. Good for them. I remember
they made up some half-assed that they hadn't thrown me off and stolen
the bike from me, but rather they had seen two other cronies whom they
just happen to know try to sell a brand new fire engine red bike to a
couple of other goons. NOT! Plus they make up another story that they
were scared of horses and that's why they initally ran away from the
cop on horseback.

So those were the first two goons I have ever put away, but certainly
not the last.