Re: Robbie Hoddinott

On Sep 16, 2:53 pm, Rick Wolfish <rld.wolf...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Anyone know what happened to Robbie Hoddinott, guitar player for
Kingfish?  I know he had a serious drug problem, I liked him a lot in

Hello! I don't know if these posts are current - I too am looking for
Robbie, and this is where Google led me. My real name is Joyce, and I
was Robbie's old lady for many years. We got together when I was all
of 22, back in 1981. We lived together for seven years, after which
he began doing prison time - seems like as soon as he was paroled, he
would be violated, and back in the slammer again. I see that Robbie's
drug problems are public knowledge - I am no saint, and was beside him
every step of the way, but I got tired of it - and of touring
California's finest correctional institutes to visit him - and not
having a car to get there on top of things. Please understand,
before you all judge him (and I) too harshly - Robbie tried time after
time to clean up, as did I. At one point, we tried cleaning up by
leaving the city, and moving to Marin, not that it helped matters
much. That is where I am now, living in San Rafael.

For the record, I eventually got on methadone and have left that life
behind me. But Robbie's drug use was complicated by the fact that he
suffered severe damage to his sciatic nerve - his first surgery showed
that it had been pushed almost 2 inches to the side, and had it
snapped, he would have been paralyzed from the waist down,
permanently. He had at least 4 surgeries while we were together. I
know that is not an excuse for his behavior, but it is a fact that
needs to be factored in.

If anyone knows where Matt Kelly is - he would be the person most
likely to know about Ribs (Robbie's nickname) Mathew also knows me,
and I would like very much to speak with him. I last saw him about
six years ago, and he was on his way to Hawaii.

Up until five years ago, I saw Robbie almost on a daily basis. He was
in bad shape, and, for a change, I was doing well, and he would come
by every other day to ask for food, or money. Even so, he slipped
inside the house while I was asleep, and, not for the first time,
stole my 12-string guitar. I damn near killed him for it too - Robbie
never was good at looking at the big picture, heh, heh. I last saw
him at my old apartment in the Canal around October of 2003 - that was
when I told him I would kill him if he ever came to my door again. Of
course, that would never stop Ribs, but he did stay away for a few
months. Unfortunately, my roommate died of cancer not long after
that, and I had to move. I found out thru friends that he had come by
my house since then, but I was gone, and he didn't know where to look.

Although I have been tempted to hit the city and pound the streets to
look for him - I can't. I am disabled now, and spend all of my time
at home, usually on the computer, hanging out at the Daz Forums, or at
my site at Deviant Art. The last sighting any of my friends have had
of Robbie would have been about 8 or 9 months ago. Look, I don't care
if you believe that I was his woman or not, but he was and still is,
the love of my life - we were never meant to split, we were soulmates
- the goddamn drugs just got in the way. If ANYONE has ANY news of
where he is, please reach me at this email address: ratgril@xxxxxxxx
I go by the name of hamstergirl4444.

And I promise you - I won't hurt him, LOL. Given his condition the
last time I saw him, I am afraid he may be dead. I want to know if he
is, and if he isn't, I want to see him again, very much so. Please
get ahold of me if you have ANY info.

Thanks guys,
hamstergirl (joyce)