Re: A Creepy Feeling

"Lfh" <onetaste2000@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Why would anybody give Joe shit for this?

Well, for the same reason anyone ever gave him shit while he was here:
a distorted viewpoint that never let facts stand in the way of his
delusions. The odd thing with this little affair is that, even if Joe
and/or Lapdawg were accurate, how would it be different than so many
other instances of, say, Mark following him around to take shots at
him like he used to do ad nauseum? Or DGD or JB or any other tag team
he had going. He used to revel in such in a "stop, stop, hey, don't
stop" kinda way. Why this nonreality was the one that spun him, who


I..., I feel so *used,* I thought we had something *special.*

If memory serves the last time Joe had a public meltdown here he later
acknowleged it was due to problems he was having in the real world (of a
womanly nature) rather than being mocked in a Usenet group, so who knows,
maybe the poor guy is having to deal with some major stress and this was
just the straw that broke his back.

The drama-queen exit was a bit much however.

Shouldn't be too hard to bring him back, somebody can let him know that a
bunch of real earnest Young Republican types have showed up doing a research
project on how marijuana and loud music foster anti-American behavior in the
young, that should be enough blood in the water to make him cancel Buzzed
Hiking 101 and get his pale old ass back here.