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Steve Suffit, the author of the lyric for one of the songs on my
latest CD, has asked me to spread word about a Woodie Guthrie folk
music project he is involved in. He's looking to have it sponsored in
venues from folk clubs to house sings, though a filkcon would be a
good place as well. He's looking to book times & places in the warm
weater months next year. This is the text of his message(s) & my

Hi Kathy,

Maybe you can do a favor for me. Anne Price and I have put together "Woody
Rediscovered," a program of Woody Guthrie's less known songs. We
it last year as a house concert style workshop for the Folklore
Society of Greater
Washington, and we have also presented in New York, Philadelphia, New
Haven, Amherst,
and elsewhere. Do you think you can hook us up with some person,
society, folk club,
library, school, etc., who would sponsor us in Baltimore some time in
2008? Maybe
you can even host a house concert, although that may be asking too

In any event, I've copied a description of the program below. Anne and I
developed it with the encouragement and support of the Woody Guthrie
and Archive, and they list on their website (
) as a program, although they prefer to call it "Rediscovering Woody."
Whenever we present it, they promote it on their website as a current


---- Steve

There are more than 3,000 songs in the Woody Guthrie Archives, and Woody recorded
well over 300 of them. However, only about 30 are well known today. In
this musical
workshop Anne Price and Steve Suffet will introduce you to a few of
Woody Guthrie's
other 2,970+ songs. Some were recorded or published in Woody's own
others were discovered among his effects after his death. All deserve
to be recognized
as the gems that they are. Come prepared to learn some new old songs!

Anne Price is a versatile and gifted singer born and raised in New York City.
She sings a wide variety of traditional folk songs and many songs from
songwriters, as well as songs she has written. Her wide repertoire
includes Appalachian
ballads, Irish and Scottish songs, country songs, songs of the sea,
cowboy songs,
songs about work and the labor move-ment, feminist songs, and love

Steve Suffet is best described as an old-fashioned folksinger. His repertoire
is a mixture of railroad songs, trucker songs, cowboy songs, union
songs, old time
ballads, blues, ragtime, Gospel, bluegrass, topical-political songs,
and whatever
else tickles his fancy.

Both Anne and Steve have been Woody Guthrie fans since childhood.

Kathy Sands wrote:


The program sounds wonderful!

There's a 3 day music event that I'm attending 22-24 June THIS
year in Rockville MD,but the program's full for all 3 days at this
point. Next
year it'll be in NJ/NY, the year after in MA, then back to MD.

I'll certainly ask around. Once I was MUCH more active in the local
folk scene here, as a participant as well as an attendee, but I'm in
with a few still active in the area. The friends that most often
hosted house sings
have moved up to Connecticut.

My home? Housekeeping Hell? Please gods not till a couple of months of
guilting my grown kids to help me get the place fit to pay a maid
service to come
in. Maybe the sort that cleans up after home invasions accompanied by
multiple murders
after a flood.

I'm in town this week, though, & I'll call around.

Thanks again!

Thanks for asking around. Anne and I are currently working on bookings for 2008,
both together and individually, and I already have one for May 3. We
would rather
avoid traveling out of town in the dead of winter, so we are mostly
interested in
dates from March through June. Just out of curiosity, what is the
music event on
June 22-24?


or google filk convention, & it's the 1st that comes up.

Filk is music sung at Science Fiction, Fantasy or Media Conventions.
That started
as folk, soon including parodies of folk songs (often SF,F and or M
themed), then
some actually TALENTED people started performing their original music,
often SF,
F and or M themed, some contemporary folk, some folk-rock, a bit now
of filk hip-hop,
alternative, rap & whatever else. 2 members of the community have put
3 tapes/CDs where they put music to a few dozen Kipling poems,
approved by the National

Then some filkers decided that they didn't want just the bits of time
space granted (or not granted--Clam Chowder, the group that sang at
our wedding--we
found singing under the stairwell at a major SF con. Stairwells,
vacant function
rooms, somebody's room at a con--all had their place in our history)
them at
SF, F, & M cons & started holding 3 day events devoted to just the
Attendance runs between 100-300 people or so at the filkcons

Some of the sillier stuff (Tom Smith, Leslie Fish, Dr Jane--now Dr
pretty regularly on Dr Demento, Some of the Weirdness of Dr Demento
(Tom Teurff,
Worm Quartet, ookla the mok, Jonathon Colton (not so weird) decided
that what they
did was filk & have started attending & performing at our conventions.

Tales from the White Hart, mentioned as the main seller in the
progress report,
is the name of the science fiction bookstore I owned (& then co-owned
with my
husband) for 17 years.It closed 12 years ago, but we still sell at at
least a dozen
conventions a year, several of them filkcons. Filk music has been one
of our specialties
since any amount of it started getting produced (early '80s).

Queens, huh? I was just up there last month, in part for a house filk
in your borough,
in part for post-recording brainstorming with my techie (Long Island)
& instrumentalist
(Brooklyn). I'll be up again for the NYUSFS Staten Island Ferry Party
Filk (I forget if it's on July 4th or the Thursday after July 4th--
be heading north after work on Tuesday). If you or anyone in your
circle would like
to join us, you'd be welcome. Traditionally, we bring a variety of
pizzas on
board, as well as watermelon & whatever anyone wants to bring, eat &
& go back & forth on the ferry from mid-afternoon till the ferry we're
on gets put to rest. With the miracle of cell phones, we seldom lose
more than a
participant or two to another ferry anymore. Then when we're done
ferrying (or
we're kicked off), we find our way to Chinatown to get a real meal.
instrumentalist & the best Jewish Mom around--traditionally supplies
the pizza,
generally enough for a couple of pieces for each of the mob, but not a
real meal.
After several hours of filking & ferrying, most of those still
carousing are
ready for one.

More than you likely wanted to hear.