Dylan's ironic songs

Someone posted in ER a list of Dylan's most ironic songs,

10) Po’ Boy (2001)
9) Life Is Hard (2009)
8) Things Have Changed (2000)
7) Mississippi (2001)
6) (Stuck Inside of Mobile with the) Memphis Blues Again (1966)
5) Sooner or Later (One of Us Must Know) (1966)
4) Buckets of Rain (1975)
3) The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest (1967)
2) Watching the River Flow (1971)
1) Ballad of a Thin Man:(1965)

Then someone countered with:

Walls Of Red Wing
North Country Blues
Motorpsycho Nightmare
Maggie’s Farm
On The Road Again
Love Is Just A Four Letter Word
Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream
Desolation Row
Fourth Time Around
I Am A Lonesome Hobo
The Wicked Messenger
Brownsville Girl
Man In The Long Black Coat
Tryin’ To Get To Get To Heaven

Someone else asked how the topic of irony be discussed in Dylan songs without including “Most of the Time” –a song entirely built around irony?
Another asked about Don't Think Twice, and then someone mentioned Congratulations, which is ironic, because there is no such song.

Dylan's irony has always been a major attraction for me, though I think of lines, not songs. Oxford Town's "someone had better investigate soon" always jumps out at me. The whole Judas Iscariot thing in With God on Our Side has been another.