Necks craned

Last night I was sort of center of house in the beyond packed,
standing room only movie theatre. The film was Radio Unnamable by Bob
Fass. You know, the show I chant on regularly Thursday nights. Awlso
tomorrow not only do I return to Radio Unnameable and awlso MattyP is
coming back. So I'm doing two radio stints tomorrow. Tune into both of
them to hear "the only one who matters in the media" starting around 8
PM with Matty P and then moving on to Radio Unnameable starting at

I was awlso on yesterday's Niteshift chanting up a storm if you access
the archive to that I begin around at the end of the first half hour
and continue on into the show.

So now everyone knows who "the only one who matters in New York" is.

When I got up to speak in front of last night's house I noticed
immediately that every neck starting craning to the Glory. I guess
they picked up on my emoticons immediately. I am the only one who
matters now. The Wereo convince you; the unspeakable power of the
Glory unravels you.