FUCK the book and the film

I went to the Bob Fass movie tonight-first screening that I know of in
New York. The place was packed; you couldn't fit anyone else in there
with a shoe horn. Then after the presentation Bob came out and
answered a few questions from the audience. Me being one of them.

Bob was astonished when I got up and spoke. Of course that being
because I'm the Chief. And Bob knows by now that without me there is
just no show.

Bob couldn't see up into the audience because the lights were shining
on him. But when I got up not only did every head in the crowd turn in
my direction but like I say Bob suddenly had this astonished look on
his face.

The 91 minute film is ok I guess. It was a bit more "retrospecty" than
I had in mind; delving back into the early to 60s and some 70s. I was
hoping for a bit more up to date, like me chanting on the show and
awl. Didn't happen this time around, awlthough he did feature a short
clip from a fellow who I think his name is George, one of the regular
callers like myself. I was suprised not to hear anything from Monroe,
but on the way out someone told me that Bob didn't like Monroe that
much. Monroe died like a few months ago, God rest his soul. I met him
at least a couple of times.

This incident has kind of inspired me to pay more attention to trying
to make a decent film of myself. Because the world needs Lifshine so
much. I shall make a film that will shock the world, and every sinigle
one of you reading this knows I am very capable of doing just that.

My mind was poisoned by that California Jam freakazoid Allen Pamplin
in Washington state. And his 3,000+ fool readers on the lovely site
FB. There's no doubt in my mind that boy is coming up with something
hush hush is the word to again, do nothing but detract from the Word
of the Wereo. The Wereo shall conquer and crush all dissent that
happens to come it's way. Those fools should've picked up on that by