The Slow Dwindling Death of RMD

Each day, the posts trickle in, one, and then perhaps another, and
maybe eventually, another, like drops of water on my head: Chinese
water torture.

It's excruciating to watch, cuts me to the soul, the wry, dry, ironic
twisting of fate, like a corkscrew to my heart. Oh, this pain in here.
I can't stay in here.

I now officially announce my departure from this sad, sad faint
remnant of what was once the shining beacon of our mother ship, the
light of our lives, the herald of our Joy, our companion, our friend.

Here Lies Jolene
Stranded, Abandoned
In the Red, Red Rain
Nobody left to feel the Pain
Soldier to the End
She was Our Friend
And we bow our heads, and say, "Amen."