The cap. of desirE

The cap. of desirE

These words are amazing:

Every Action Has A Reaction.

They describe the laws of material nature. They are taught by
Prabhupada Spiritual Master.

Using the words: Every Action Has A Reaction, I am going to use them
as a template to describe something else, 'Desires'.


'Some actions have rethought/s'

The desires could be divided into 2 types:

(1) 'lunch' - the objective main desires.

(2) 'etc' - the subjective or tangent desires, quite a few which get


'Some actions that have rethought/s -- are our desires.'

It therefore suggests that rethought/s are the capital of desire which
is required to have desire and to fulfil that desire.

Now the 2 expressions are compared together with my expression
becoming a subset under Every Action:

Every Action ['Some actions that have rethought/s -- are our desires']
Has A Reaction.

Now with regards Prabhupada Spiritual Master this becomes without laws
of material nature:

Every Action ['Some actions that have rethought/s -- are Our Main
Desires'] is Transcendental.'

Prabhupada (Hare कrishna Founder) signaled automated initiations via
Rail Modeling in November 1977 however this order has not been
followed by the usurpers (thieves). The time that has elapsed since
the usurpers (thieves) in the Hare कrishna Movement removed the Hare
कrishna Founder: His Divine Grace A C Bhaकtivedanta Swami Prabhupada
from spiritually being the initiating spiritual master contrary to his

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