Dearest Mr. President

I just saw you on TV.

First and foremost, thank you for rescuing me from my nerves over a
horrible conversation with APLCARE talking about Time Machine. We
weren't understanding each other, and I could tell he didn't like
working with me. :-( He scared me, too. Seriously. He literally scared
me, about losing stuff. If you keep it plugged in for too long.
Fortunately, I am nowhere near full, but I had no idea, and my heart
started racing, and everything. I was looking for those pictures of
Bob in Paris with the Rebbe to send to Mom. Fortunately, everything is
there, and safe, and right now, I need to go get my chamomile tea to
help recover from the nerves, and then I will address your address.


P.S. You spoke pretty well. Way better than off the cuff. :) However,
now it's my turn. Hang on...