What a coincidence in retail: mystery shopping and mystery sex? audi motor car logo - the way diseases are created. one circle surrender - caring for disabled and ill personS

What a coincidence in retail: mystery shopping and mystery sex? audi
motor car logo - the way diseases are created. one circle surrender -
caring for disabled and ill personS

//.'Mystery shopping' is used in retailing, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mystery_shopping.
As a person employed in FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) retail, I
suffer from Non-Intimate Social Situations or Non-Sexual Semen Loss
when following employment routines that happen to involve dealing
directly or indirectly with opposite gender staff and customers. This
Semen Loss mysteriously happens. It could therefore be called
'Mystery sex.'

//.I believe the mystery Non-Intimate Social Situations or Non-Sexual
Semen Loss provides some details about the way diseases are created.
It could be referred as a 'sideways evolution.'

//.To elaborate this let me describe this through a logo used by Audi
motor cars that has 4 single layered circles each intersecting the
other as seen to some extent in the Olympics double layered circles.
These 4 circles show the 'sideway evolution' or the disease
development process.

[all k/K shapes altered to क/क except at web addresses due to
technical reasons]

//. Before more elaboration on the previous regarding the circles,
let me refer to disabled and ill persons care. A disability or
illness is a destructive mode and when in the disabled or ill person's
presence, the carer has to be in a 'creative mode' by always providing
tender affectionate care on a 1:1 कarma individual account (कarma:
every action has a reaction) and never being influenced by the
‘destructive mode’ which is all too common with some nurses and
doctors in care homes, clinics and hospitals i.e. creative people
becoming destructive in destructive person's / people's company.

//.Also important is to be always present especially at critical times
in the disabled or ill person's one circle as other priorities could
bring Process कarma which is different to 1:1 कarma individual account
- in other words there could be new individual account कarma circles,
i.e. Audi motor car logo or 3d circular circles seen on telephone
handset design where the hearing and speaकing circles are distanced
away. This new individual account कarma circles could be either as
Blacक i.e. Unकnown कarma or White i.e. कnown कarma. More than before
Blacक i.e. Unकnown कarma is increasingly seen i.e. strange or
increased intensity illnesses.

//.So what happens in the disease development process is the Audi logo
circles or sideways evolution where the goal posts कeep changing
rather than there being only one fixed circle. In mystery Non-
Intimate Social Situations or Non-Sexual Semen Loss in retail, various
circles one after another trigger and semen loss results in the victim
due to a staff or customer interaction. This Blacक or Unकnown कarma
is behind 'Mystery diseases' especially of the brain and mind and
central nervous system.

//.This always being fixed with only one circle requires
surrendering. Disabled and ill persons are quite surrendered in an
odd way. This should provide some idea about the surrender intensity
and also some idea in a strange way about demi-gods surrender
qualities to a process they are responsible for on behalf of the
Supreme Personality of Godhead, कrishna.

Prabhupada (Hare कrishna Founder) signaled automated initiations via
Rail Modeling in November 1977 however this order has not been
followed by the usurpers (thieves). The time that has elapsed since
the usurpers (thieves) in the Hare कrishna Movement removed the Hare
कrishna Founder: His Divine Grace A C Bhaकtivedanta Swami Prabhupada
from spiritually being the initiating spiritual master contrary to his

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