Re: أجهزة التلفزيون الأنترنت تحميل الأغاني والنغمات ، مشاهدة قنوات التلفزيون في جميع أنحاء العالم على الانترنت؟؟؟؟؟؟

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أجهزة التلفزيون الأنترنت تحميل الأغاني والنغمات ، مشاهدة قنوات
التلفزيون في جميع أنحاء العالم على الانترنت؟؟؟؟؟؟
الصور وأشرطة الفيديو والعيش مباريات الكريكيت مجانا.
خال من المهاجرين تأشيرات الدراسة والعمل في الخارج... الدليل؟.

Sorry. The religion of peace holds no interest for me.

Fuck off rag head.

Nice ethnic profiling. I put the original post in the translator and it
came up with a peaceful message of tolerance.

I too have no interest in the so-called religions of "peace" be it
Christianity, Hinduism or Islam, not to mention Judaism, Sikhism  and
Buddhism (yes, there are warlike Buddhists too.)

But don't write off the millions and millions of Moslems who are
peaceful believers in their religion. And don't make fun of what people
put on their head. Bob Dylan has been known to wear some pretty stupid

Really real, I wish I had written this post. It seems that we are
closer than we know but you are free to disagree ;-).

This is magistral writing, it touches up many things, i say up
because where else would we go. "Even the softest touch" sings Dylan,
and when he sings it the way it does, I believe that he believes what
he says, he believes and talk about the healing. The immense
possibilities that a simple natural touch bestows on the one who gives
and the one who receive, two strands of the same source, two streams
running like the 2 arteries of one. Heart.

Now that too may be considered sayings of peace of the One . Not
religion but maybe still accepting of the saying ( hebrew bible ) :
and you shall be made one beat, one heart, one faith, one world

passing through the ray of the Central Sun

comes 2013

or so the Cosmic Calendar says

as for me, here on earth, on Lady Gaia who hosts all of us,

may she be filled with Grace

on earth as in heaven

I say Salaam, so glad you spoke.

Our brothers and our cousins are family

in hebrew ( modern hebrew ;-)

we call this the mishmashpachaH.


rr, i might, if time allow go back, reread, choose 3 or 4 or 7 or 8
____ maybe words ___________ and highlight. B'li nadar for i am a bit
on the tired side of life. But not so much that i cannot reveal my
excitement when any bridge gets build. It may not look on solid
ground, but believe me, it is . A house of many prayers the earth is
becoming and thanks to the Venerable D. I heard some far out

So yes,
hallelu !!!!!!;-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))