Re: Strait in the HOF

Here is what Jean has done
"> Jean Shepard has done that and much more. A sample listing of some of
"firsts" includes: *Starring in the 1st network country music show, THE

*The 1st female in country music to sell a million records.
*The 1st country music female vocalist to overdub her voice on records.
*The 1st country music female to make a color TV commercial.
*The 1st female country singer to be a member of the grand ole Opry

For over twenty-one years Jean Shepard remained under contract to Capitol,
selling countless millions of records including the NUMBER 1 HITS: "The Dear
John Letter", "Beautiful Lies", "Many Happy Hangovers", "Seven Lonely Days",
"Then He Touched Me", "Satisfied Mind" and "Second Fiddle".
In the early 70's Jean moved to united artists where she continued to have
NUMBER 1 RECORDS such as: "Slippin Away", "Poor Sweet Baby", "At The Time"
and "Tips of My Fingers".

Jean has recorded over 35 albums which included so many hit records it's
easy to understand why Jean's career hit its peak and stayed there.


No way wrote:
What does Jean Shepard have to do to get in the HOF.<

How about have a hit song or two, like everyone else ! ? :)

Lose the martyr complex. IT STILL COMES DOWN TO THE SONG ! :)
Most of "hers " were forgattable.

Now, if the hall feels down the road that she deserves induction based
on 50 years of performing, loyalty to the Opry , etc. I'd have to think
about it. But I don't see her recording record deserving of it by a