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No, it's not, and the fact that Cheney, who Palin was
hoping to succeed used the term, and that it referred to
one of the most important doctrines or policy decisions
made by the administration she was hoping to succeed as
part of a team, and whose policies they were hoping to
continue, makes it a knowledge gap of enormous

Cheney used it as a rhetorical flourish, without defining
it. Where's the quotes? You still can't find anybody else
saying this "wildly used" terminology. Surely if it refers
to "one of the most important doctrines or policy decisions
made by the administration," you should be able to find ten
or twenty quotes of people using it easily. But no, you
hate Sarah Palin so much you're willing to lie about how
much meaning that phrase actually has.

And IIRC, the interviewer then said what it was and she
wasn't able to say either what you said, that the term is
not really official but this is what is meant by it and
that's what her take on it is etcetc.

She had no idea what Gibson was driving at, and neither did
Gibson, as it turns out. To ask such a misleading question
to a VP candidate, then to come out as if her dissembling
answer is somehow meaningful, is clearly politics at it's

So no, that doesn't work as an excuse, and the fact that
people like you are trying to excuse that as a "set up"
and "gotcha question" is is pretty terrible. We are
talking about someone who wanted to get into one of the
most powerful offices in the world, and she didn't know
the basics about her own party's current policies.

And that is way, way worse than Biden's interminable
ramblings with the occasional small gaffes. FDR wasn't on
TV but on newsreels?

That's not what Biden said. You might want to look it up
before you trip yourself too badly.

big deal, and that really, really impacts current
policies and world events, does it? No it doesn't.

About as much as the history of Paul Revere impacts current
policies and world events, but that's an above the fold

But the "Bush doctrine", not the word,
but what it stands for, really does.

Really! Then tell us what it stands for. Exactly what it
stands for. If it so really impacted current policies and
world events, there should be a quite precise definition.

Wait a minute. You said earlier that historical stuff
like Longfellow and Paul Revere doesn't matter at all,

Now you're putting words into my mouth. I said no such

now the the data of the
introduction of TV matters so much? Besides, I am sure
they replayed FDR material on TV when Biden was young, so
he wasn't completely wrong.

Go back and read Biden's quote. It was a stupid thing to

"Flak" stands for *FL*ug*A*bwehr*K*anone". There is no
alternative spelling. It can also stand for
Flugzeugabwehrkanone, but that does not change the
spelling of the abbreviation. It's a historical fact.

I'm not writing in German. I'm writing in English. In my
English dictionary, "flack" is a variant spelling of Flak.

Oh yes, I just remembered, historical facts don't matter
to you, just like they don't matter to Palin. That's just
elitist nonsense. And if Palin thought Paul Revere was
out to "warn the British", then it's her good right to
think that, isn't it?

Not only do you misquote me, you misquote Palin.

-Owen, Where's the Quotes?

It doesn't matter if that journalist tried to set up Palin or
not. It doesn't look like it, but I can see that it is
necessary to assume that in order for your argument to be not
entirely ridiculous.

Even if that was the case, should it be so easy to trip a
potential leader of your country? If she is that easily
tripped, what would happen if she was at the negotiation
table with foreign leaders who all have their own agendas?
Imagine Palin and someone of the caliber of, say, Putin.
Oh, shit...

Spelling foreign terms properly is a sign of good education
and being interested in historical accuracy. I can see why
that doesn't matter to you. You may not have known it, but
now that I told you and you still reject the correct
spelling, you just show that these things don't matter to you.
That's why the history of your own country doesn't matter to
you either. It doesn't matter to you when those who reach for
its leadership don't know and don't care either.
That's scary. History, when not known and understood, repeats
itself. And that is usually a bad thing...

That's unbelieveably arrogant, sir. "Flack" has become
completely anglicized and apears thus in the OED, an
unimpeachably legitimate variant spelling. You are completely
offbase on this one.

I don't see any arrogance here. If someone, especially a native
speaker, tells me that I am misspelling or not using a word or a
phrase from any given language correctly, then I listen and learn,
even if common misspelling or misuse is widely accepted, even
sanctioned. I am very curious about what words really mean and
what they reflect in their spelling and use. That's how you
learn. That attitude is at the heart of learning other languages
and thereby acquiring first-hand insights into other cultures
The attitude you defend is at the heart of insular ignorance. I
call that arrogance.

Since I cited the OED on the completely allowable English
orthography of "flack"; yet, rather than learning from it, you
continue to insist that the only correct spelling shall be the
German one, that any other spelling is impermissible, and there
must be no other. The Oxford English Dictionary and the English
tongue be damned. What other conclusion can I drawfrom that other
than observing a classic Teutonic rigidity of thought, a "mindset"
if you will, in action that insists on well-nigh ideological
purity, orthographic goosestepping that permits not deviation from
the echt Deutsch spelling even of an anglicized word. Eine Kleine
Wort. That is a Bismarckian mindset, a real "insular ignorance and
arrogance." You were wrong about "flack" and will never admit it.

There is nothing to admit here. Nobody doubts that this incorrect
spelling has become very common and is even accepted into
dictionaries. It's still wrong, and I just pointed that out.

Of course it's not still wrong.
You're not the one to say what's right or wrong.

Now, seriously, *what* am I supposed to reply to your silly chauvinist
attack and your blablaing about "classic Teutonic rigidity" and
"Bismarckian mindset" other than what I told O? I know your language.
You don't know mine.

Oh, isn't he so much inferior to you?

Nor any other foreign language.

Oh, isn't he so much inferior to you?

Just what do you
think puts you in a position to say any of the above? Why do you set
up yourself for such an obvious rebuke? Why do you fire off the same
backfiring argument that O already fired off and had backfired on him?

Oh, isn't that because he is so much inferior to you?

Seriously, don't you feel a little silly telling saying all of the
above to a foreigner who knows your language while you don't know his?

Oh, isn't that because he is so much inferior to you?

You asked "what other conclusion can I draw", and the obvious answer
is, probably none, because you don't know German.

Oh, isn't that because he is so much inferior to you?

The little bits of
German you sprinkled in there contain no less than 3 mistakes. I don't
understand why you put those in there, just to remove any doubt that
you really don't know any German? You don't know much about Germany

Oh, isn't that because he is so much inferior to you?

You have no first-hand insights into the culture at all.

Oh, isn't that because he is so much inferior to you?

your earlier, completely predictable world war era reference betrayed,
you seem to be stuck in the mindset of that time still.

Probably he is so much inferior to you.

So from that
point of view, I can see why you could draw no other conclusion. But
that is pretty sad, especially for someone who makes a living playing
mostly European music, a huge chunk of which comes from German
speaking cultures. One would think that you would have a little more
interest in and respect for those cultures.

Strange statement for one who has no respect for human beings at all.

And that is the keyword here, that is what you are missing -


Learning foreign languages takes a lot of work, and
investing that work means one has sincere interest in and respect for
other cultures. You and the other people here who got so upset about
all that never invested that kind of work into learning any language.
You have therefore no respect for those languages either, and that is
why it doesn't only not bother you if you garble loan words, you even
feel offended when that is pointed out to you.
Since you simply don't have that background, you are in no position to
say the stuff you said in your post. You try to make me look like a
narrow-minded nationalist.

He's right.

While I am talking to you in your language.
While you couldn't talk to me in my language. Don't you see the
glaring irony in that?

All together now: what a pathetic BS by a nationalistic sociopath !!