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Would anyone care to set me straight on Talich's Dvorak symphonies?
Are there two or three 9's? The other symphonies? Am I to take it
that the 9 in the Great Conductors set is the same as the 9 in the
recent Supraphon release coupled with 8?

I know I've read here comments on his recordings on 9, but don't
recall which was favored. I did hear the finale of the recording in
the Great Conductors set, and really liked the interpretation. It
sounded much more like the Old World Symphony- music of the Czechs,
however renamed.

I believe that all I have of his Dvorak syms is the Koch release of 7
and 8 from the 30's.

There are indeed three Talich New World recordings with the Czech
Philharmonic: 1) 1941 (Biddulph CD), 2) 1949 (Tahra 403/4, previously
the recording was issued on a two-disc Urania LP set; and 3) 1954 (on
Supraphon CD and also in Talich's "Great Conductors" two-CD volume.
The 1941 is the fastest (39:01), while the 1949 is the slowest
(45:30). The 1954 (41:25) is, to my ears, by far the finest of the

Jeff Lipscomb

On Supraphon 11 0290-2 (Great Artists Series - Vaclav Talich) is a D9
and Serenade for Strings. According to the notes this D9 with the CPO
"recorded at the "Domovina" studio between 1949 and 1950, still by the
old wax pressing technique,..."
and the timing is listed as 41:17 (timing confirmed according ot my CD
Is this is a fourth recording or is there a typo somewhere?
The performances on this disc sound very fine (to me at least).