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I don't know about other consumers, but just off the top of my head,
these US-born (AFAIK) composers are in my collection - Piston,
Persichetti, Schuman, Mennin, Carter, Barber, Copland, MacDowell,
Griffes, Ives, LaMontaine, Sessions, Creston, Reich, Thompson,
Johnston, Hoiby, Cowell, Harrison, Adams, the "other" Adams, Nancarrow,
Shapero, Ashley, Ruggles, Harris, Johnson, Lees, Rzweski, Flagello,
Riley, Baksa, Riegger, Vierk, Diamond, Babbitt, Crumb, Bolcom, Erb,
Hassell, Gould, Seeger, Helps, Rorem, and I'm sure a bunch more I'm not
thinking of at the moment. With the exception of only a few of them,
I'd be only too happy to have more music by these composers
(particularly in really decent recordings). There's a vast amount of
good to great American music that's currently not, or has never been,
available in recordings.

An interesting list. Would you mention the names of the composers that you
would NOT be happy to have more of in your collection?

Well, right now I don't particularly want any more Babbitt, Carter,
Flagello, Or Erb - my interest has waned in those guys, for various
reasons (but interest could return at any time).

I'd like to add
much more American music to my library, but would just as soon start with
the ones that others recommend. I'm already stocked up with Piston,
MacDowell, Carter, Harrison, Ives, Diamond and Adams. I've never even HEARD
of LaMontaine, Ashley, Johnson, Lees, Rzweski, Baksa, Vierk, Hassell and

Those you haven't heard of are all interesting in one way or another, I
think; the range is from very conservative (LaMontaine, Baksa) to
"downtown" quasi-experimental (Rzewski, Ashley, vierk - I forgot, she
does the lower case thing with her name) to American modern-but-not-
high-modernist (Johnson, Lees, Helps) to the jazz-new-age-electronica-
world-music trumpeter experimentalist Hassell (who I included in the
list since he wrote some music for the Kronos Quartet, and because I am
addicted to his other, non-classical stuff).

And here are a few more in my collection who I think are interesting:
Bowles, Partch, Ornstein, Antheil, Tsontakis, Duckworth, Harbison,
Lang, Rouse, Benshoof, McGuire. And I'm still missing some more that I
like, I'm sure.


Going off the top of my head as well, you left out Tower, Moross,
Kernis, Chadwick, Foote, Berger, Larsen, Paul Moravec, DelTredici,
Paulus, Mamlok (didn't Schwarz record some of her music?), Schwantner,
Lazarof, Rakowski, Ewazen, Iannaccone, Foss, Maslanka, Bazelon,
Kirchner, Wuorinen, Richard Wilson, Shapey, Ticheli, Bresnik, Perle,
Martino, Korte, Siegmeister, Brouwer, Sirota, Dzubay, Willey, Jager,
Nelson, Lindroth, Schonthal, Starer, Polyansky, Rochberg, ...all for
whom and more have triggered my enthusiasms over the years and who are
represented on some excellent recordings. There are others who have a
claim on my time who are buried in my "miscellaneous" shelf. A lot of
wind ensemble composers' names elude me at the moment, but if I look at
the slew of Klavier discs by Corporon et al. I'm sure some more good
ones would come back to me....McTee, Grantham, Cichy, Gillingham,
Bassett, Benshoof, Hartley....

Naxos has also certainly shown me a few unexpected pleasures--Templeton
Strong, Willson, etc.