Re: Rostropovich/Richter LvB Cello Sonatas

Steve Emerson wrote:
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Paul Goldstein wrote:

Yes, it is surprising how wide a gap there is between the
reputation of these recordings and their actual musical content.
They are dull, so much so that if they are your first recordings of
the Beethoven sonatas, you will come away believing that the music
is at fault.

This describes, quite exactly, my personal experience with this set.

Thirded. I don't think it is at all without value, but it's a terrible
way to become familiar with the music.

It is well to remember that most continued interest in these recordings
(and there is a lot) is due to the audiophile stature of the LPs.

Only TWO of the five sonatas were recorded by Fine Sound.

The rest was recorded by Philips.

This release has NEVER been an audiophile target. Only the two sonatas
recorded by MLP were given that treatment and ONLY on LP.

In the meantime, the rest of the world just listened to the music.
These recordings have never been out of the catalogue. A bit like the
Callas Tosca, the Kleiber Beethoven 5 & 7, and Karajan Beethoven 9.
Truly deserving all of the GROC label.