Re: Scientists May Have Found Mozart's Skull

Curtis Croulet wrote:

Does Mozart have living descendants or relatives?

No. Both sons were childless as far as we know, although it can't be excluded that a certain Constanze whose death is mentioned in the correspondence between Mozart's older son Karl Thomas and his mother (Constanze Weber-Mozart-Nissen) was an illegitimate daughter of Karl Thomas. Mozart's younger son, Franz Xaver Wolfgang, on the other hand, was a lover of a certain noblewoman named Josephine Baroni-Cavalcabo, but there is even no gossip that there might have been illegitimate offsprings.

Older biographers accused Mozart himself of womanizing, but there is really no evidence of that, and even the most unreliable of them didn't claim there were any children from these supposed liaisons.

So it is almost certain that there are no descendants of Mozart.

As for relatives, Mozart's sister had three children: two daughters who died as child and teenager, resp., and a son who lived to adulthood, but there are no records of him having children.

Mozart's uncle however -- a brother of Leopold Mozart -- had descendants who lived, as I read, until WWII. I seem to recall reading that the last of these descendants, a woman, perished in a Nazi death camp, but I don't have a reliable reference for that.

That would be blood relatives; I don't know if his relatives by marriage had living descendants. Mozart's wife had three sisters and a brother who lived to adulthood, so there might have been some. (She had no children from her second marriage to Nissen, though.)

Moreover, through his father-in-law, Friedolin Weber, Mozart was related to Carl Maria [von] Weber. There are conflicting reports about the existence of living descendants in this branch of the family. And BTW, the "von" is fake: Weber's father or grandfather pretended to be a noble (apparently rather successfully).