Re: Top posting

Joe Vitale <rusty@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> appears to have caused the following
letters to be typed in

> Owen Hartnett <owenx@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in
> news:100820051422556456%owenx@xxxxxxxxx:
>> putting it in the most presentable and easiest to read form
>> would be the most desirable.
> I agree.
> I really couldn't give two hoots if folks top post or bottom post, but I
> do admire a post that judiciously edits the quote that he or she is
> responding to. I also value those posters that are relevant, brief, and
> to the point in their response (naturally) -but not so brief that it is
> a waste of time to open up the poster's contribution in the first place.

And if one really wants to complain about a trolling post, one really
should not quote the entirety of the offending post. This is what Richard
Loeb has repeatedly done, and this is why he is in my killfile.

True, I have made this error in judgement *occasionally* and in the heat of
the moment, but Loeb seemed to be doing it over and over and over, despite
being complained to, until enough was enough for me.

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