Two concerts (and an Emmy...)

I played at this venue last March 20th, a celebration of Bach's
birthday (a day early) and of the return of my ability to play from
memory. My Brodmann area 22 continues to heal and this concert on
June 26th is the next step forward:

Also, my quintet is back in action after a long hiatus:

I have always loved playing and performing and now more than ever.
The plasticity of the brain is a remarkable thing. There was a PBS-TV
documentary in July 2009 called "The Music Instinct: Science and Song"
that does a great job explaining it, and lots more.

A major reason my brain damage, after 2 minutes of cardiac arrest in
July 2009, healed so quickly (a little over 2 years) was my playing in
the Surgical ICU at Beth Israel Medical Center 3 times a week. I had
to read everything, but I didn't realize at the time it was also the
rehab that was needed. The new network went online in October

A WNBC-TV segment about the work won a New York Emmy Award in April -
Human Interest: News - and a 1st prize in the National Press
Photographers Association "Best In Photo Journalism" series:

(yeah, I know, I posted about the TV awards in another thread here a
few weeks ago, so sue me).

All best,