Re: Building A Better Right Hand: March 19 Update

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Okay, got it now.  I was reading way too much into it.  Too much accidental
exposure to political talk radio, where they keep trying to recast words
like "feminism" and various others into perjoratives.

hmmm........ I answered this before, but it never posted. So if it
posts and then this does, please accept my apology, but I think the
point is worth getting across.

I meant you no disrespect, and I wasn't trying to "shave the hair off
the egg". I responded because I don't want Alice (who probably at
least lurks here) coming after me with, "What did you call
me???????????", for which she would be right, if in fact, that was
what I'd said, which it wasn't.

What I was questioning, though, was the possibility that she emulated
(her understanding) of Ida's r.h. position more because Ida
represented a successful woman guitarist in a man's world to her than
that she actually thought the technique to be superior to Segovia's.

warm regards to you,m ny friend, and keep away from Rush Limp-node,