Re: five deadly terms used by a woman

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.(1)-FINE-this is the word women use to end an argument when they know
they are RIGHT and YOU need to SHUT UP. (2)-NOTHING -means SOMETHING
and u need to be WARY. (3)-GO AHEAD -this is a dare not permission DO
NOT DO IT. (4)-WHATEVER -is a woman's way of saying SCREW YOU. (5)-
THAT'S OK -she is thinking long and hard on HOW and WHEN you will pay
for your mistake.

Are you a guitarist?

John E. Golden

That's OK


Mark & Steven Bornfeld DDS
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You don't like liberal and apparently you don't like women... Are you

I love women, liberals, not so much. What I continue to discover is
that liberals have no sense of humor. This is a simple little joke
and because I posted it some of you automatically assumed it was
something else and jumped on me over my posting it. Do you idiots
really think I care what you say to my little attempts at humor, Get
serious, and to the fool posting as STEVERINO, get serious, really
Steverino, thats really an adult name to be posting under, NOT