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I no longer think one American government can govern over the defacto
regions that are forming in America.  There are observable differences
between areas: the South, the north east, mid-atlantic east coast, mid-
west, west coast, the west (east of the rockies).  Maybe even the
southwest and the southeast.

These regions have conflicting cultures that at times are in direct
opposition to each other.  The regions compete as if they are separate
countries.  No government can satisfy the electorate in all these
regions.  This is what is causing the constant pre-civil war mentality
in some areas.

The only sane way out is an American Union of regions, similar to the
European Union.

Why do you think that such regions would be reluctant to go to war
with each other?

Free trade = trade war. Political upheaval and shooting wars follow,
every time.
Regards, daveA

They would try, but we would convert the armed forces into a NATO

I took the idea to an absurd place for effect.  America is winner take
all government.  If the fundamental christians get past a tipping
point of House and Senate votes they can turn the whole country into
their fantasy (I like Jesusland).  They want to gut arts funding,
privatize social security and medicare, do away with the EPA, ban all
abortions, change us from a religious tolerant nation to a country
with a state religion, the list goes on.

As of Jan 01, 2011 I went into forced retirement.  Is it really going
to be "you don't like it leave"?  I wonder if Canada has a
"Retirement" visa?

I wonder if you realize how incredibly bigoted you are and I wonder if
you understand exactly how insulting you are? How can you use the word
tolerant when you are anything but? I'm Christian and don't give a
rats ass if you are or not. You are not and want to take away my right
to be. You are a brainwashed hater. If someone wants you to leave it
isn't because you can't fit in, it is because you hate everyone and
you'll be lucky to get along with anyone. I don't think Canada wants
you but you might try Cuba


It is sad Miguel, I don't post in forums much because of people like
edspyhill01 and you. Your hatred towards people of faith is
overwhelming and so easily go off topic just so you can spew some of
it out. I hope you can find peace in your life - even though you live
to take it from others.- Hide quoted text -

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Self-professed "Christians" are some of the most hateful, maladjusted
people I've ever met.
I remember this one guy who continually used the epithet "queerboy" to
refer to someone he didn't like.
That doesn't sound like much of a Christian to me.
Perhaps Nietzsche was right.
What do you think?- Hide quoted text -

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Frankly they seem like anyone else to me. Some are a pain some are
truly kind people, most are in between.- Hide quoted text -

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I agree.
But I think there is a positive ideal of Christianity that embodies
love, tolerance and forgiveness.
I have met a few of those folks, and they are people of the highest
Not a single one of them has habitially prefaced every statement with
"I'm a Christian..."
When someone asserts something forcefully like that, it's a good bet
that they are 180 degrees opposed to the true ideal that they are
It's much the same as "I'm normally a nice guy, but..."
Much the same with homophobes in my experience.
The louder people profess against homosexuality, the more latent
homosexuality they possess.- Hide quoted text -

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Danny never reads the New Testament and does not who Jesus is and what
he taught by word and action.