Re: Tight String

On Jan 26, 4:12 pm, David Klausa <davidkla...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
dsi - Yes, it's probably the tuner. I have noticed that some tuning
pegs have become looser than others. I'm not gonna change my strings
again for at least another few weeks so I'll have a good look then.

Artisan - It is perplexing to me too, how it can get tighter and
tighter til almost snapping, without being very high in pitch.

Hm. There's no way a string can sound lower as it gets tighter, unless
the string is getting long and/or thicker at the same time. So, one of
two things could be happening:

1. A tuner is slipping. You keep winding it up and it just SEEMS like
it's getting extremely tight because of all the winding you're doing.
An illusion.

2. The string really IS way too tight for the pitch you want, which
means that you somehow got the wrong string on. Maybe a B string
somehow got into the E string package. Or a super-high-tension string
from another manufacturer got mixed into the set somehow. (A clerk or
customer comparing strings from different sets at the store failed to
put them back in the right packages.) Or you just got them mixed up
somehow when you were changing strings. Stuff happens.

Did this happen just with a single change of strings, or have you
changed several sets recently and it keeps happening?

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