The Names of Strings in the Carulli Method

I've been looking at the explanatory material in my Ricordi edition of
the Carulli guitar method and came across something I found
interesting - would love to know if anyone here can shed some light on

The text is in Spanish and French.

The strings are all numbered as you'd expect, but the first string gets
its own name, "cantino" in Spanish, and "chanterelle" in French.

On the second page of the book, in a paragraph talking about which
fingers of the right hand one might use by default on which strings, the
first string is referred to as "cantino" in Spanish, but just the first
string in French.

So, what's up with "cantino" and "chanterelle?" I recognize the root as
meaning singing and that makes sense, the first string as the melody
string, if you will, but I'd appreciate knowing more about how this may
actually have been used in each of its respective languages and guitar
cultures of the time.

Is there an English edition of this method? If not, that would be fun
project to work on.