Re: Parkening muffled?

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Perhaps this is just 1970 recording techniques?  Remember, this is all way
before this startlingly real/dry/clinical sound of digital.

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I enjoy CP's early recordings, but why does it often sound like he's
playing from underneath a quilt?  The album "In the Spanish Style" is
of the major offenders.  I have to crank the volume way up to hear the
wonderful details, and then I face the risk of being defenestrated by
the loudness if the next track happens to be Bream or Williams.



And before luthiers started making guitars that sound like banjos.

  And before guitarists demanded guitars that sound like
banjos........ all thanks to John Williams.  I must say however that
Fleta of his sounded pretty bad.  Has he been sighted anywhere playing
his Bernabe?


Does he really have a Bernabe? is there a story there?