Descending legato - help!

Hi Folks,

Can anyone direct me to a youTube vid or similar visual aid that
focuses on the correct way to perform a descending slur (pull-off)?
I'm doing some self-directed guitar study using Noad primarily. I
think I understand the concept & what I should be trying to do fairly
well, but this is one of those things where I think I suffer a bit not
having an instructor who can actually demonstrate what I should be
trying for.

Also, I'd love to hear people's thoughts on good music collections/
programs for improving skills, expanding repertoire, etc; so far I'm
working with:

- Noad's "100 Graded Classical Guitar Studies"
- Mel Bay's "Complete Sor Studies for Guitar"
- "Pumping Nylon" by Scott Tennant (who knew you could get out of
breath playing guitar?)

Thanks in advance,