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The problem wiith all the footage available (LIB film) is that they
shoot it with only two cameras (except for the Rooftop performance),
so there are gaps when no film is available, that is when neither of
these two cameras were rolling... the production team (back in 1970)
apparently "fixed" this problem by inserting assorted footage when
needed, so we have bits where, e.g., John is heard singing but is seen
with his mouth closed ;)... it happens throughout the LIB film as
released (and, IMHO, it's also badly edited,

It is badly edited. Often the sound and picture are out of sync.
Sometimes the sound doesn't match what they are playing.

Let It Be would be the worst possible item to be released to celebrate
the 50th. It showcases them breaking up and playing their worst songs.

Not true. I've heard the audio outtakes of Let It Be, and many of
these alternate takes of songs are much better than that of the

An alternate take of a bad song is still a bad song.

There certainly has to exist some interesting unreleased music in the
vaults spanning their career that could be issued.

Not really that much, but the topic is about folks wanting the film
released. They'll do it as usual at some point in time.

They should release the film, cleaned up, maybe some bonus material, on DVD. I have the VHS version from ages ago but who uses a VCR anymore?