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"Groucho Marx spent his career deflating the rich, the pompous and the
clueless ? and got away with it. But in 1971, a thoughtless comment
put him in duck soup with America?s most humorless president.

Lunching with reporters from Take One, a San Francisco Bay-area
underground newspaper, Groucho was asked, ?Do you think there?s any
hope for Nixon?? Kanfer writes. Groucho, his judgment dimmed perhaps
by cocktails and his own advancing age, shot back, ?No, I think the
only hope for this country is Nixon?s assassination.?

By the next day the wire services had the quote, and so did the FBI,
which promptly investigated him. Kanfer writes, ?The octogenarian was
officially listed in File No. CO 1297009207 as a potential threat to
the life of the chief executive.?

No, I didn't remember that!

and Groucho wasn't some gun nut like Nugent(unless you count Captain
Spaulding), and still they investigated him. Any wonder why the
Secret Service wanted to question Nugent, given his violent background?

Nugent's guns have killed less people than Ted Kennedy's driver's
license did.

Got guns?

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