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Well, it's official...Ted Nugent took a journey to the center of his
mind, and discovered that it was filled with hate.

From what I'm told, if left untreated, cat scratch fever affects the


No hate or threats by Ted towards the President on his comments last
week.  Nothing more than our President spews towards Republicans on a
daily basis, and I am a solid Independent.


Please show us the quote where Obama states that he will be
dead(physically) or in jail based on a Republican victory in November

How is that a threat to the President's life?..or even a general
threat to The president.
I've been trying to get an answer to that question since it happened.- Hide quoted text -


After ranting and raving about how horrible Obama was, and how he has
to be stopped, Nugent made his statement.

Nugent's statement is a promise made that if Obama is re-elected,
there is something that Nugent is going to do to the president that
will either land him in jail or get him killed.  The overt implication
from Nugent being that the only way to stop Obama once elected is for
Ted to kill him.  And as a result, Nugent might be arrested, if taken
alive, or killed, by law enforcement.

I think you are reading way too much into Ted's statement.  He was
interviewed by the Secret Service last week.  No action was taken by
the Secret Service towards Ted.


That doesn't mean Nugent is telling the truth. He could still
make plans to kill Obama.

Anyone could be making plans, but the fact is his statement didn't
contain a threat.