Re: 50th anniversary plans?

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The 50th anniversary of Beatle recordings is coming soon.  Are there
any plans for special editions of the recordings to be released?

Re-releasing the Let it be film with extra footage, hopefully.

Earlier this year I chanced upon a DVD version of this film - in a
"legal" store. It was counterfeit - ie it was represented as being
legitimate although as we all know there's no such thing as a legal DVD

I didn't bother to watch it for a few weeks, as I was assuming that the
quality would be dreadful, and the film (which I had not seen for
perhaps 30 years) has a bad reputation.

In fact, when I got round to watching it.... I really enjoyed it! OK,
so there are some bits that are 1970's hippy tedious, but overall it's
rather good - and I'm sure that if they put back in some cut bits and
show the ENTIRE rooftop show releasing it on DVD will do absolutely no
damage to the reputation of The Beatles.

(I suspect that the DVD was a copy of the Laserdisc release because it
was definitely better than Videotape quality).

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