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Just thinking about that warm, late fall evening, 29 years ago,
tonight. No matter how much time passes, the pain of losing John will
never fade away. As much as I want to celebrate his life, every year on
this date it's overshadowed by the violent, unnecessary manner in which
his life was taken.
Rest in peace, my love, and enjoy making music among the stars.
Well said.
Actually other than the fact that I'm pissed off that Lennon is dead,
I'm pretty depressed that it was *29* years ago!!!
Worse, I don't have 29 left.
You might, and if you don't, the best is yet to come: Heaven
Heaven is just oblivion dressed up in crinoline and lace to soothe the
brows of people scared to death by reality.


Well, you got here in the first place from the sperm and the egg,
and if somebody told you that you were going to get born
from that, would you believe them? Of course not.

And this makes sense as an argument in what way precisely...?

Because, life is a miracle on earth here too right? So why couldn't
there be a miracle after this life?

Of course
I wouldn't believe ANY story about how I "were going to get born"
because I wasn't born yet to hear any story.

I'm not talking about "my" story. I was trying to say that if
"anyone" told you that you were going to get born from the
sperm and and the egg, you wouldn't believe them right?

But there is proof (and
lots of it) that people are born from sperm and eggs all the time, so it
is not exactly a burning mystery.

Dale, surely you can follow me with this discussion. It's easy

If you have equally compelling proof
that we are "born" again after death, then please don't be shy in
sharing it.

I said that it says so in the Bible. If you don't want to read
it, fine by me.

Until that day, I will try to see the universe through its
realities, rather than through my projected delusions, no matter how

Hell scientists don't even know all about the realities of
the universe, so how could you?

And if I'm wrong and there is no heaven, I wouldn't know the
difference anyway right? But the Bible tells me there is,
and I believe in God. It's your choice if you don't. I
couldn't care less.

If you couldn't care less, you sure have a funny way of revealing it.

Why is that? It's "you" that likes to challenge "me" on the
subject of life after death....everytime I bring it up. I've
never responded to a post of yours...when you bring
up the subject.

It's not a choice: it's a matter of accepting the universe for what it
is rather than for what makes you feel all warm inside...


It IS a choice...but it's between you and God, not you
and me. And to prove to you I couldn't care less
what you believe, this is my last post to you on
this subject, so if you respond to me again,
it's shows me "You're" the one who has a problem
with what "I" believe in, not the other way