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On Aug 15, 7:36 am, topaz <topazgal...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Using his son's name for a prescription that was meant for the parent
is very troubling to me.  Here is why  1. If  the child goes to a
doctor as a patient and the doctor prescribes something, the doctor
can be influenced by what medicines are in the child's chart or at a
local pharmacy. If there is erroneous information in the kid's chart
or at the pharmacy or given by an adult it can cause medical
consequences for the kid.  

If he used his childs name, it probably wasn't his full name. I doubt
it would appear at his chart. I don't see how could it cause any
medical consecuences for the kid. If some kind of pain medication
would appear in the kid's chart and he would be taken to the doctor,
then the doctor would no doubt ask why. And any influence it could
have would be only as far as avoiding mixing it with some another
medication in a way in which it could cause some problem...

In any case, like I said, I really doubt it would appear in his
chart. It wasn't like Michael needed to use the name of a real
person. Most of the names he used were just made up. I don't see
either how could that have been made without the prescribing doctor's

2. MJ was on all kinds of habit forming
medicines.  It is sad for me to say this but IF  Dad (Michael )
altered the prescription to get a higher than medically recommended
dose or bigger supply  of pills, then I would say by definition MJ is
an addict.  I think being a single parent who is an addict is
definitely risky for the kids.  

To be addicted he would have had to have been physically dependant on
them... (not sure I wrote that well).
I don't know if he altered any prescription. It seems what happened
was the doctors prescribed medications to him using other names.
About him being addicted to these medications, considering he did have
serious health problems and therefore needed them (though I'll insist
he should have tried alternative medicine), I guess it can be quite
hard to determine if he had a dependency. I think he said he did
around 1993 or 1994 and went rehab.
Now, it's not like he was an addict of cocaine or heroine... that
would be risky for the kids. He was taking legal medications, though
aparently more often or on bigger amounts than recomended. But even
if he wasn't, I guess those things always put you a little out of it,
so it would always be relatively risky for the kids?. It wasn't like
he was a single parent per se though, he had people helping him.

3. I believe it is morally not
defensible in this case IF Michael changed or forged a script to get
more drugs and used his child's name.  If the doctor did it knowing
the med would be diverted for the parent that to me is illegal and

Yes it is, but on the doctor's part.

Now this is all especially assuming that the prescription
in his son's name was for a controlled drug. If it was for an
antibiotic or some noncontrolled drug, I think the legal consequences
would be much less or nonexistent,  but ethically it would still beg
the question "why?"
Think of a prescription as a legal document; when it is a controlled
substance highly regulated by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency)  it
certainly is a legal document.  I believe you are in law school or
perhaps now a lawyer. Would it seem right to you to change the name on
the top of a will or some other legal paper and substitute someone
else's name  and for the lawyer or the client to do that knowingly?
How would you feel about your client doing that, and in a sense using
your signature at the bottom of the document to get what they want?- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

I'm not a laywer yet :). I'm a law student.

I'm not sure really what you by making that comparison.
From what I understand, what happened here was that one or more
doctors gave him some prescriptions using other people's names or fake
names, not that Michael forged anything.

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