Re: The Beatles should have retired after Sgt Pepper

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You do have a problem with anyone who doesn't consider you to be some
of authority, don't you?

Is this how you steer the thread away from personality issues?

You made it what it is.

I have a problem


I say ATMP does not seem like a true triple album to me, and you
just can NOT handle it.

I disagreed with your opinion and you just can NOT handle it.

I don't mind at all if you believe

You spent a lot of time trying to prove to me that I'm wrong and ignored
almost every point I made to support my case. I guess it would seem like
"dogmatic repetition" if you snip out any evidence I give.

but your ferocious, unresponsive rigidity about insisting
your view is absolute, indisputable reality is not acceptable.

OH NO, the RMB sheriff is here. He finds me NOT ACCEPTABLE. What will I ever

When people disagree with you, how often do you say "You may be right and
your position is valid?" I don't see that from you. I see you insulting
them, claiming that they're narrow-minded, that they refuse to listen to
music after a given year, or that their opinion is invalid for some other

Here's an example. When I disagreed with your opinion about Mary Weiss and
said that a recent live performance went over well, you didn't admit that
you might have been wrong about her or that you might have missed some
quality that appeals to other people, you made a snide remark about how her
audience was comprised of all 60 year olds. You couldn't even admit that I
sincerely liked her Norton album on its own merits, you claimed that the
only reason anyone liked it was because of her backstory.

In short, you're guilty of everything you claim I do.