Re: S.O.S

On Sep 23, 6:21?pm, poisoned rose <captainvinega...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Blackpooljimmy <Blackpoolji...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Nothing left to discuss

Sounds like it could be time for you to unsubscribe. Ever consider
that option? Or is pouting with an audience just too much fun to

I couldn't leave you, PR

All right, go on sulking like a child, hoping someone will notice.

I really don't understand why you have these weirdly irregular
"troll" days, where you suddenly have to "let off steam" and post a
bunch of childish, one-line garbage (already about a dozen posts
like this from you today). Beyond knowing that TAR will drop her
usual netiquette-schoolmarm routine and diplomatically steer clear
of you, there's just no predictable pattern to this whatsoever.

Indeed....predictable I'm not. You however bring up TAR for some
reason only known to yourself. Very predictable.