Re: How Do you Sleep sessions

I hear ya, DT. Next time I'll be sure to hang around the computer for the
next 2 days straight so I can defend a post I put up in a newsgroup.

I never said George should care what I think or said he was an awful person.
Just one little for instance I wondered what Beatle People thought about.

"DTSmith" <smithd@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
On Mar 20, 9:59 am, "Jimbace" <smokerdud...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I almost answered these "two" trolls last night when they appeared, but
didn't bother. They were so obvious, a typical drive by trolling.
note the "two" OP's never returned to the discussion nor to defend
ridiculous comments.

I'f I'm one of the "trolls" to which you refer, how amusing coming
from you. If I'm one of the people who didn't defend my statements,
well, it was late. I went to bed. I have a job. I don't sit up all
night and do this.


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