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Just heard this head banger took the dirt nap. Anyone care?

"A close friend and a brother were big fans in the 80's. My brother
actually took him when I didn't want to go.

I'm surprised he was 67. That means he was in his 40's when I was in
high school and he had his big run of popularity."

According to, he was only 60.
I saw him in a band called Elf in 1974, opening for Deep Purple and ELO,
I don't remember much about Elf.

"According to his NYT obit, he was 67. He started out singing doo-wop
in the LATE 1950s, at the age of 17."

Yeah, my bad, I see now that they have two different birth dates listed on
allmusic, and the earlier one does make more sense. Still, too young to die.