Re: Good to see Tom Petty is anti-Bush like all good Americans

Sure. If you are a veteran like you calim to be, Thank you very much for
protecting the freedoms I enjoy.

If you are a veteran that has suffered any physical,emotional or financial
hardship from your service
then I thank you again and I want you to know that I appreciate your

To honor your sacrifice, I want you to know that I excerize all my rights,
especially those of voting and free speech. I want you to also know that I
take those rights that you have protected seriously and exercize them
judicoulsy and with good judgement.

I hope that you appreciate the vein that this was made in.
This is not sarcastism. This is the way I feel toward all veterans, you
included. Just because we disagree doesn't
mean I don't appreciat the service. I hope you will come to understand that.
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Kevin, I would like to agree with you, but after seeing how some vets are
treated it can seem like a thankless avocation. I for one appreciate
military service and take every oppertunity to thank and support our
troops, and I don't mean by having a bumper sticker that says so.

You can thank me later for your freedoms. Why don't you try answering the
questions for now.