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then read the comments below.

they predict in about 4 years we will see the fruit of the labor.

Hey I know!!!! december 21 2012????

Are we heading towards the end of the universe?

I do not know. Forget the fact that I am a scientist. Let me
think like an ordinary human being....

Since, I believe strongly in God and Bible, I feel the Old
Testament can provide a clear insight to the unknown future. In the
Genesis part of Old Testament, God creates the universe step by step
(please bear in mind that one day of God need not corresponds to one
day we measure on earth) and on the 6th day, he created Man, exactly
like Him. He called him Adam and was put in the Eden garden. Adam
was looking exactly similar, but intellectually, he was inferior. When
God created the Earth, he had also created the Tree of Knowledge or
the Forbidden Apple Tree. God had given access to every thing in the
Earth, except the Forbidden Tree, located at the center of the Eden
garden. He said to Adam, "You are free to eat from any tree in the
garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good
and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die." When God felt
that Adam needs a company, he created Eve (the female counter part) so
that Adam will be happy and will not feel loneliness. However, the
urge to become like God forced Adam and Eve to eat the fruit of the
Forbidden Apple Tree and they tasted it. As the Satan (the serpent)
had pointed out, Adam and Eve became knowledgeable like God. Since,
they violated the restriction set by God and ate the fruit of
knowledge, the curse of God became true and they had to face DEATH.

Well, what is the relevance of this story today? We human
beings systematically search for knowledge. When we live in a pool of
knowledge for some time, we feel we do not know much and try to search
for more. Ultimately, one day we will eat the Fruit of Knowledge, the
Apple of Knowledge. Yes, we will become as knowledgeable as God, but
then the curse of God will fall on us. This will lead to the
destruction of this universe.

History repeats itself. The only differences is that, the
players are different, and is enacted in a different stage. But, the
moral remains the same. OUR FATE IS IN OUR HANDS.

As a scientist, I am greatly excited that today, ie. 10 Sep 2008,
the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in CERN will become operational. The
power of the machine will be gradually (over a period of months to
come) raised to 7 GeV and then the CMS experiment will be conducted.
In this experiment, two proton beams with 7 GeV energy traveling in
opposite directions will be allowed to have a head-on-collision,
resulting in tremendous heat and temperature of the order to 100,000
times the temperature on the surface of Sun (ie. 5000 K). This will
liberate Higgs' boson and will be detected by a Huge detector that is
specially made to detect cosmic rays. They are planning to
investigate the presence of the Higg's Boson or the "God's Particle",
that provide mass to every particle in this universe. As per the
present understanding of the universe, the visible matter accounts
only for 4% of the mass of the universe, and "dark matter" or
invisible matter account for 23% of mass and the rest of the 73% of
mass is nothing but zero point energy or dark energy. As discovered
by Einstein, the energy and mass related by E= m c^2 and can be
converted from one to the other. In the beginning, there was only
energy. According to the Big-Bang theory, a huge explosion took place
13.7 billion years ago, and the energy was converted to mass and led
to the creation of the universe , as we know of today, but in the due
course of time. During the Big-Bang, the Higg's boon was also created.
Thus, from 100% dark energy, it reduced to 73%, and visible (4%) and
invisble matters (23%) are created. To create the Higg's Boson, we
need to create a tiny Big-Bang under controlled laboratory
conditions---the precise aim of the CMS experiment in LHC machine
located in CERN, Geneva.

The science as we know of today is just only 100 year old.
And every great discovery in science takes place after we make make
the shortest possible EM wave and detects its presence. The EM wave
has catagories like visible, X-ray, gamma ray and cosmic rays etc. The
discovery of X-rays (1895) and electrons (1897) are closely related.
The discovery of gamma ray and the discovery of nucleus and neutrons
are related. All of us are well aware of the after effects of these
discoveries, ie electron and neutron. The entire technology of IC
electronics, computer, Internet, Atomic Reactors and every thing we
see in our daily life are the manifestation of the power of these
discoveries. Now, we are standing on the edge of another window-- the
generation and detection of cosmic rays. This will help us to see
quarks, one of the fundamental particle of this universe. By-the-bye,
the proton consists of "uud" quarks (i.e. two up quarks and one one
down quark) and the neutron consists of "udd" quarks (i.e. one up
quark and two down quarks). The up quark has + 2/3 e charge and the
down quark has -1/3 e charge. This gives proton with +1 e charge and
neutron 0 e charge. By raising the energy of the proton beam to 7 Gev
and when it undergoes a head-on-collision, the quarks will be
liberated and they will form a new state of matter, just existed right
after the Big-Bang that created this universe. In fact, these high
energy protons itself are cosmic rays and the detector in CERN is
capable of characterizing them and their sub-products. One thing is
for sure: the possible discovery of Higg's boson (also called the
God's particle) in the due course of time, will revolutionize this
word in a fashion that it unpredictable as of now. But, are we trying
to eat the Forbidden Apple? I doubt, because, there is a wide
speculation that these experiments can give rise to tiny black-holes
or even negatively charged strangelets. If this ever happen and they
go out of control, we, the humanity, are committing suicide and may
even lead to the destruction of the universe in four years time from

In the Hindu mythology and in the Mayan mythology, the earth get
created and destroyed in periodic cycles, with a time span of many
many thousands of years. Maya used special glyphs to indicate time
periods, the kin represented one day. Winals are periods of 20-days
which we now call a month. The Tun was a year of 360 days and the
K'atun was a time period of 20 years of 360 days each. The K'atun
ending was a special time period celebrated by the Maya. It has its
parallel in the modern world, the period of time which we call a
decade. The Maya also counted 400-year periods called Baktuns. The
Maya used these time periods in a special day count which is now
called the Long count. Today a typical long count date is written
thus: This represents 9 baktuns, 14 k'atuns, 12 tuns, 2
winals and 17 k'ins. According to the calendar developed by Mayan
Civilization, the universe passes through some order on some specific
dates. For example,

18th Sep 1618 AD corresponds to in the mayan
calendar. (start of modern science)

and 21st Dec 2012 AD, the mayn calendar will be (end
of modern science? )

The date December 21st, 2012 A.D. ( in the Long Count),
represents an extremely close conjunction of the Winter Solstice Sun
with the crossing point of the Galactic Equator (Equator of the Milky
Way) and the Ecliptic (path of the Sun), what that ancient Maya
recognized as the Sacred Tree. This is an event that has been coming
to resonance very slowly over thousands and thousands of years. It
will come to resolution at exactly 11:11 am GMT. What is the
relevance of the date? Some thing will happen definitely for sure. On
possibility is the chance of a magnetic field reversal of the earth.
The other possibility would be a man made end to this modern science
or the end of this word itself ???

I do not know, what will happen in future.