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Beauregard T. Shagnasty wrote:

So why not be proactive and do your part to help clean up the mess? Use
a real newsreader! Or even Thunderbird, a reasonable OE replacement that
does mail and news, but doesn't screw up like OE does.

I have recently switched to Thunderbird and Firefox myself. I had a problem a few months ago where Outlook Express got corrupted and nothing I did would fix it, short of reformatting and reinstalling Windows. So I looked around and got Windows Live Mail as a free replacement. I found it to be a poor substitute for OE for a number of reasons: you could never be sure which folder you were in because the highlight color was so washed out as to be semi-invisible... frequent "the program has to close because there's a problem" messages. Anyway, I got sick of half-assed software.

So I tried the Mozilla software. I have yet to have my first "problem". There initially was a learning curve but it hasn't been too steep to handle. I was able to import my old emails and contacts; the only thing I couldn't seem to do was import my message rules. Thunderbird makes the migration from Outlook Express easy; from Live Mail less so.... but it can be done.

So far I'm happy with the changes.

Mortimer Schnerd, RN

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