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On 26th of August 2006 a BMW R1200GS rider was seriously wounded in
horrible crash. He died in hospital hours later due to his serious
injuries. Month later the bike was seized by the German Criminal
Prosecutor and the braking system "Integral-ABS" was subject of the
examination by experts hired by him. Three error codes were stored
the braking system, and the bike didn't pass the brake-test due to

According to BMW Group in a statement to the expert this braking
system does show sporadically errors. That dosn't sound like the
brakes are reliable. I guess riders out there should know about that
fact. And that fact isn't written in the manual.

For the anniversary of the death of the BMW R1200GS rider there was
Video produced:

At what time did the crash occur and at what time were the codes
recorded? Could they be the _result_ of the crash? If the codes were
recorded prior to the crash, how long prior? Is there any visual
indication that there are codes stored? What specific conditions were
indicated by the codes? Did they indicate a malfunction of the
electronic antiskid system or of the hydraulic system or of both or of
something else? Did the circumstances of the crash indicate the
possibility of a brake failure of a kind that would be consistent with
the codes recorded? Does the sporadic recording of codes relate to
actual malfunctions affecting performance or are the codes recorded
falsely without a failure being present? With the ABS totally failed,
can the wheels still be locked?

And before someone says "watch the video", I did--the nomenclature in
the codes depicted is not in any dictionary to which I currently have
access and Google didn't make any sense of it at all.

Steuergerätefehler - failure of control device
Zu hoher druck im hinteren Radkreis - too high pressure in rear wheel
Bremsflussigkeitsstand zu tief - brake fluid level too low

ABS: 3 fehler gespeichert - 3 failures stored
BMS-K - keine ... - No failures stored
KOMBI - Keine ... - No failures stored

The video is not a documentary; just a "tribute" of some kind. It's long
on technical wizardry but short on facts.

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