Re: Voices speak..

On 2008-06-11 19:26:37 -0400, Bruce Hartweg <bruce-news@xxxxxxxxxx> said:

T3 wrote:

Page 4, interesting, though not surprising..

Stone's look at things, particularly the have's and have not part sounded, well, kinda' familiar, hmmm..

ya maean whiney? yeah that's familiar.

Heheh, yeah, he was talkin' the talk all right, trouble is, walk time is less than a year away..

And on the very next page a Yosh sayonara?

Oh well, c'ya.....

yeah the best team, and the one that supports the most satellite team
and you're runnin' em out - what a great plan.

That's the best way for parity - everyone can't be good - so make
everyone suck. Oh well. WSB seems pretty good these days...

Note, a Yosh sayonara, but you're prolly right, time they get around to closing shop 'Zuki will prolly be a memory.. (or not, we'll see..)