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Hey boys and girls,

You're interested in the newsgroup rec.motorcycles.harley? You're
wondering how to make it here without getting flamed to death? You're
curious about various customs and the meaning behind certain expressions
and numbers? You have an interest in following proper netiquette and
procedure (thus minimizing your chances of getting flamed greatly)?

Well, fear not. You will find a wonderful source of enlightenment
right at the following URL:


In addition to the answers to Frequently Asked Questions, you will
also find a ton of tips on how to do various things with/on your bike.
Your friends will look at you in awe after you have shared some of your
wonderful new-found knowledge with them.

Learn it, love it, live it. Then, read it again! It will make
your experience in the VB&G (don't know what that is? You'll find it in
the FAQ!) much more enjoyable (both for yourself and the regulars).

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