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Drinks on me for the next hour or two. Then I hafta go home.

Once in a while a fellow runs across something that really works and he
feels that he should share it with others. This is one of those cases.
It isn't anything dramatic or ground breaking...just useful, IMHO.

Space Bags! You know...those bags you see advertised on cable TV about
3:00 AM. The ones that you pack with clothes and vacuum out the air. The
wife bought some on a whim from Wal-Mart, so when I was packing for the
trip to Ohio to see Eddie last August I figured I'd give 'em a try. One
word...they work!

OK. That's 2 words.

Seriously, she bought the "dual use" bags that are about 21" X 33". You
can squish the air out of them or suck it out with a vacuum. (More on
that later.) I rolled and folded my clothes and laid them flat in the
bag...sealed the opening and then simply laid on them. The air wheezed
out the other end. It really did make things "smaller." No kidding.
Betcha it reduced the bulk by at least 50%.

For grins I stuck the vacuum on the opening on the side of the bag and
it removed a helluva lot more air. The clothes were pretty darn tight in

Then I wondered, "Could I create enough vacuum myself to remove as much
air as the vacuum?" So I tried it. (There ain't no way I can say this
without setting myself up for ridicule, so I'll just say it.) I put my
mouth on the circular opening and sucked the air out of the next bag. It
worked just as well as the vacuum did. So, ya don't hafta buy the dual
use bags. The regular vacuum bags will do the trick if you don't mind
sucking them. <grin>

<Leave space here for "sucking" jokes>

How long did it take to er suck all they air out?
I guess the next question is how long did you have to suck on em?
Need to know in case I buy some

Thanks in advance

Which reminds me of the joke, "Suck, MaryBeth. Suck! Blow is just a
figure of speech!"

Anyway, on a bike ya got limited storage space, and these Space Bags
really reduce the bulk. I ain't joking. Down side...they can be
punctured if yer not careful. I poked a hole in one when it was in the
tour pack, but I just stuck a piece of cellophane tape on the hole and
it works perfect. Next time I'll stick 'em inside another heavy plastic
bag or sumpin' to protect 'em from sharp, pointy things.

Andy aka Big Stinkie