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As far as your original question goes, contactwww.race-tech.comand
see what their latest offerings are. Good shit, th' best IMHO. I
love scrapin' floor boards, sounds like you have some nice ridin'
roads. I'm up in th' PNW and we have a few goodun's here too.


Thanks for that link. And yes, you do have some fine roads up your
way. Been on a few of 'em myself. But I gotta tell ya, (like you
wouldn't know!) the Washington Highway Patrol are brutal! They make
the CHP look like Santa Claus!

Lived here on n' off for five decades and only had one crappy WSP
experience.  Must be th' righteous livin'.  Most CA peeps complain
about Oregon's 55 mph enforcement over WSP.  And ya mostly see local
cops on th' two lanes up here, I tend to stay away from I-5 and th'
cities as much as is humanly possible.

Oh, and please do us a favor, quit replying to pinhead or you'll end
up in bit buckets too.  So what did th' Race-Tech guys say, anything
new n' cool?


Finally found it on line...without the - between race and tech. I
guess it's the right place? They have a lot of nice (and not cheap)
stuff. I'll have to see where this all leads. It wasn't really that
big a deal to begin with, I just thought I'd get some input, and have
indeed received some good info, Frenchu notwithstanding. Speaking of
whom, I'll let the slob stew and killfile him. He sounds like a
miserable, frustrated, lonely old fart who has not much to live for.
Why does he hang here if everyone hates him?
Thanks again for the feedback.