Product review. Mutazu tour pack

(Also posted next door with some pictures.)

Standard financial interest in the company, yada yada yada.

I'm cheap. Just plain ol' cheap. That's why I bought an Electra Glide Standard instead of an Ultra. I decided to upgrade my "extremely el-cheapo aftermarket generic tour pak" that a friend of mine gave to me, to a "not-quite-as-cheap" model.

I did my research and discovered the Mutazu DMY trunk.

The trunk itself was a mere $130. I added the fancy-schmancy wrap around backrest that set me back another $69, and with shipping it totaled $229.

First, the service from the company was fine. Did it through Paypal, and the next day I got an e-mail that had the UPS tracking number. It came when they said it would, in one big box and it was well packed and protected.

Took it out and checked it for damage or blemishes. Found none. The paint is good. Not great, but well within acceptable limits. The paint on the bottom was kinda thin, but no one sees that. The bottom lip of the lid had a few thin spots, but nothing that would in anyway detract from its appearance. The backrests are cheap, but are comfortable and look like they'll last a while. But crimeny…it was only $229!

It seems well constructed. The walls will flex if you push hard on 'em, and the hinges are plastic, but seem sturdy. The lock is sorta cheap compared to the HD lock system, but it works. Whadya expect for $229?

The installation. Took me just over an hour. It comes with "all the mounting hardware" you need. True, but not if you're mounting it on a Harley. I'm not complaining here, but if you get one you'll need to get your own nuts, bolts and washers. The stuff they supplied simply didn't fit with my removable rack.

There are four holes in the bottom of the trunk. They appear to be part of the molding process. They don't match up to anything, so you'll need to smear some silicone over them when you're done. But jeeze! It cost only $229!

I sat the trunk on the rack and used a dry-erase marker to mark the spots for the required holes. Drilled 'em and fastened the trunk to the rack. I used fender washers on both sides of the floor of the trunk for sturdiness. (Is that a word?)

The last step was to mount the wrap around seat. You simply remove 6 nuts that hold on the existing pad and remove it. Inside the lid they have marked 3 spots with white-out where you need to drill holes for the new seat. Drilled 'em where they were marked, and it fit perfectly. Used the old hardware and bolted it right up.

I did note that the six nuts, which held the original pad on, were only finger tight and had no lock washers. Maybe they figured I was going to remove it to install the wrap around seat and didn't bother to tighten them up. Could be they simply forgot. If you get one you ought to have your nuts checked. <sfsf>

I got the wife to sit on the bike. It was sturdy enough for her to lean against, and she sensed no flexing. We're going to try it out with a few local 100 mile trips to work the bugs out. There will surely be one or two, but it only costs $229. (Did I mention that already?) It is large, too. About the same dimensions as the HD trunk, give or take an inch or two.

Bottom line. I am satisfied with the thing. It isn't the quality of the HD tour pak, nor does it have the fancy lights and racks on it. If I was going put 50K miles a year on the bike I would buy an HD tour pak simply because it would probably last longer. But since I'm only going to use it maybe half a dozen times a season it should do me well. If it falls apart after 2 or 3 years I'll just buy another one cuz they only cost...wait, I think I said that already. So...I was pleasantly surprised and completely satisfied. Two thumbs up, even for just $229.

YMMV, etc.