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Ya got the quoting thing down, an ya can quit apologizin fer the top
posting after ya start *bottom* posting.

Or wind up in a lotta bozo bins. Yer choice man.
Go here an read some more:

Yikes, sorry about that... Guess I do owe a third round. I'll be broke
before you know it.

How's this?

That's the ticket.

Gonna cost ya too. Barkeep!

Thanks for your help John, I'm not as much of an idiot as I may seem.
Just used to doing it the other way for the last 8 years or more. I'll
remember now I was notified, numerous and numerous times.

Off to HD, time to buy those forward controls and lots of chrome. To much
grey for me on that primary.

Round on the house from Jim for being a slow learner

Yer forward controls kit'll have adequate instructions methinks.

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Well, they had to order the forward control kit for me, so I have to wait,
but in the meantime I picked up a new chrome primary cover, coil cover, and
battery cover. They left the lamp relocation kit out of the bag by accident
even though I paid for it. They were already closed and I was still in
there, I totally understand him forgetting I know he was rushing to get out
of there like anyone would on a nice day like this in Jersey.

Oh well, I'll call there tomorrow and let them know what happened and wait
till my kit comes in. My legs will appreciate a good stretch when they are