Re: OS 46LA Idle to Full is slow and choppy

Try changing the glow plug.
I have one of these and its been on at least 4 different planes most of
which were re-kitted while running with that engine. Uh, not the engine's
Still runs great.

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Hey guys I need a little help. I have a OS 46LA spinning a 10x6 on a
Tower Hobbies 40 Trainer. I have always fuled with 10% without
trouble. We flew it last year with little problems. Last week we went
to the field and couldn't get the engine to start. Yes the engine was
stored properly and actually the week prior to going we had the engine
running. So we parked it and flew another of our models.

Anyway, we finally found a hole in the fuel line running from the
remote to the carb and have replaced it. The engine starts and runs,
it idles and it will run full open. The problem is the response from
idle to full open is slow and choppy. Also when coming back to idle
from full it tends to "hover" around a high idle then after say 10 to
15 seconds will actually fall to idle.

The air bleed screw is located in the end of the rotor and I have
adjusted it open, closed, open, closed..... and have tried different
needle valve settings. The thing that gets me the most is I can adjust
the air bleed screw and it doesn't seem to make any difference. I have
actually adjusted it more than three full turns either in or out and
there is no difference.

Can anyone please give me any ideas on how to correct this throttle
response? And why adjusting the air bleed screw isn't making any
difference in operation?

Thanks in advance.