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I want to build and fly my first 3D Foamy.
What I really want to know is who makes the most sturdy kit. Since
this is my first one Im sure I will pound it into submissing sooner or
later. I'm just hoping for later.
I seen someone say that shock flyer was better than E-flite as far as
the kit held together better. I was also thinking I liked the Great
Planes Flatouts Turmoil.

I just need something thats not going to break in half every other
time it drops or makes a bad landing.


The Great Planes 'FlatOuts' are a bitch to build. Tried it! Never got it built. Trashed it! My end to FlatOuts.

I now have a J-3 ElectriCub from Great Planes. It can be seen on my website in the Photo Gallery > My Planes > Planes of Today.

what motor is in the cub?
'Me' (for lack of your name)

The motor in my ElectriFly J-3 Cub is a RimFire OutRunner Brushless 28-26-1000, with a ESC 12-SS (Tower TG4527) and an ElectriFly 640mAh 11.1V 15C Max. LiPO Battery Pack (Tower GPMP0805). I can also use the orig battery which is a NiMH 650mAh 9.6V Pack. I had to use a tripod mount because the motor is an OutRunner.

The season is finished for us in Ohio, so I don't know how it will fly although everything seems to OK, with plenty reserve power.

Watch for a ground loop on take-off.


Earl, the season changes from outdoor to indoor!

in the UK it just gets even more wetter, you hardly notice the difference in the South of England