Re: Floquil Airbrush Thinner


I'm not a chemist but there are several versions of the Solvent based
Floquil Railroad Colors paints.

Original (no longer produced) was xylene-toluene based. It would attack
and craze polystyrene unless a barrier coat was first applied. It had a
red ink label on it.

Next came the REV. 1 Floquil. It was styrene compatible so I assume
that it used milder solvents. It had a red ink label with REV.1
written on it.

Current Floquil is Similar to REV. 1 but it has a slightly different
odor. So, I again assume that they have changed the formula. And it is
no longer called REV.1. This one has a black/red label.

I'm not sure why anybody would not recommend the thinner specifically
produced by the manufacturer (Dio-Sol)? Why would Floquil sell a
thinner which is not optimal for their line of paints?

BTW, there were also multiple reincarnations of Dio-Sol. Original and
REV. 1 and I assume the "currernt REV. 1".

I've used all 3 versions and I thinned them for airbrushing using the
appropriate Dio-Sol. Never had any issues. I have also thinned them
with a plain Lacquer Thinner. Never had any issues either. But there
are many different "generic" lacquer Thinner formulas out there. I
checked that by reading the data sheets for several brands of Lacquer
Thinner. So, some of them might not be compatible with all Floquil

Once I thin paint for airbrushing I never return it to the unthinned

And as far as the pigment precipitation goes, all my unthinned Floquil
paints do that if they sit for a while. The longer they sit the harder
it is to remix it back to usable state.